In a tranquil garden, beneath the shade of an ancient tree, a humble traveler sought solace and wisdom. With a heart heavy with questions, the traveler approached a wise monk known for his profound insights. With reverence, the traveler asked:

“Venerable monk, what is the purpose of life?”

The monk, his eyes shimmering with the depth of the cosmos, smiled gently and replied, “The purpose of life is to realize God.”

Perplexed, the traveler inquired further, “How does one attain such realization?”

The monk, with serene grace, motioned towards the vibrant garden surrounding them. “Observe the blossoming lotus,” he said. “It grows from the murky depths of the pond, reaching for the luminous sun. Its purpose is not to seek the sun but to unfold its own inner beauty.”

Puzzled, the traveler sought clarification, “But how does the lotus teach us to realize God?”

The monk’s voice carried the wisdom of ages as he answered, “Within the lotus resides the divine spark, just as within each being lies the essence of God. To realize God is to nurture the seed of divinity within and allow it to blossom, radiating love, compassion, and wisdom.”

Yearning for deeper understanding, the traveler queried, “What hinders us from realizing this divine essence?”

The monk, with unwavering tranquility, responded, “The veils of illusion cloud our perception. Like ripples disturbing the calm pond, desires, attachments, and fears obscure the truth. To realize God, one must still the restless mind, let go of illusions, and embrace the boundless silence within.”

The traveler pondered the monk’s words, his mind a canvas upon which wisdom was painted. The purpose of life was not an external conquest, but an inner alchemy. It was to peel away the layers of illusion and realize the inherent unity with the divine.

Filled with gratitude, the traveler bowed deeply to the monk, a spark of purpose kindled within their being. In that sacred moment, the traveler understood that the purpose of life was not a distant destination, but an intimate journey towards self-realization.

And so, the traveler set forth, embracing the path of self-discovery, nurturing the lotus within, and walking the delicate tightrope of surrender and effort. Guided by the profound koan that the purpose of life is to realize God, the traveler embarked on an inward pilgrimage, stepping closer to the eternal truth with every awakening breath.


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