Remember, meditation is a practice. Don’t worry if you find it hard to stay focused at first. 

  • Begin by finding a comfortable position. You may choose to sit or lie down, as long as you’re comfortable and can stay alert and focused.

  • Close your eyes gently. Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose and then slowly exhale out of your mouth. Continue this pattern, focusing on the sensation of your breath filling your lungs and then slowly being released.

  • Now, bring your attention to your body. Notice any sensations you are experiencing – perhaps the feeling of the chair beneath you, or the weight of your arms and legs. Without trying to change or judge anything you notice, just continue to observe.

  • If your mind wanders, that’s okay. Gently bring your attention back to your breath, back to your body.

  • Continue this process for several minutes – breathing, noticing, and returning your focus when it wanders.

  • When you’re ready, slowly bring your attention back to the room. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes. Take a moment to appreciate the calmness within you.

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